Autumn has begun on 22 September & will end on 21 December in Northern Hemisphere.

Temperature is decreasing gradually & so is my temperament

After half of my life, I passed by searching for nothing. This year finally allow me to know that I was searching for novelty ever since.

Every year autumn brings new settle enlightenment. I used to the thought that it was because of upcoming festivities!

Gradually over the passing age realised, it is the seasonal environment engulfing me. They had a prominent impact on me. I was ignorant about nature, climate & seasons, yet they were serving me without any prejudice.

Superb team-work of the lovely seasons

Winter⏩ Spring⏩ Summer⏩Rain⏩ Autumn⏩…is their course of action. Nonetheless, only four seasons are appreciated.

Autumn arrives quietly & departs unnoticed usually.

Vibrant yellow, brown, orange & similar colours have proceeded painting the surroundings silently. The year is planning to rest in peace forever.

Before settling, autumn comforts us enough to celebrate the year-ending.

It is all-right to take-off.  It is ok to break-down, to reabsorb, to recreate.

Trees & plants gently move to the process of fall every year. Nature provides us with its best before leaving. We must appreciate this.

Ripen fruits & veggies are providing us with all of the nutrients. At the same time, huge one’s are facing a fall.

Shorter days, enough time to unwind, are few virtues of autumn, which we all have stored in our memory bank.

We must ease-out the stress of performing excellent throughout the year. (or to the extent, throughout the life)

We have to accept our falls & our temporary achievements just like our nature does.

Let’s make a way for our offspring.


24 karat is bought to store, 22 (kt) is a gifting option, 20(kt), utilized to show-off &

18 (kt) is bought to make use of?

Useful things are always admired but please, don’t cross the limits of consumerism. Don’t abuse real ones because, we can’t use them to the extend we want.

They know their limits, they behave according to it, but we don’t know our limits.

There’s a general concept, that gold is precious. To the ones who are ready to admire the scarcity. To the ones who are willing to accept the fact that pure elements act according to their particular properties.

Gold has to be secured by iron. 

Pure gold is always demanded but never paid dues. People are so fascinated by their value addition, they achieve by grabbing available gold. 

Not only thieves, robbers, burglars, housebreakers, but greeds of fellow ones also can breach our inner trust.


A substance of abstinence can’t satisfy our desires of abundance. Maybe human tendency to fall for the divine has made gold so desirable. 

How can we possess the element, which resist other elements to mingle into? Gold never get mixed with other substances. Gold is pure & gold only when separated from other elements.


Other available elements in abundance are designated to blend or get combined. Tin, copper, etc are blend to become bronze. Further alloying of bronze or silver is used to create gold alloys (not gold).

Gold plated

Our training & inclination pushes us to change any substance into a gold-plated one. A thin layer of a high-prized substance like gold or silver, etc on any low-prized substance is a common norm, which is perfectly allowed in every walk of life!


Marriages are made in hell.

One might think why people are so obsessed with marriage? What makes it so desirable? Why is that so much of hype around this institution? One can say, “to start a family.” My answer would be,

Safe heaven

You can hide all your shortcomings, sins, lackings, incompetence, greeds, etc when you enter this institution. If you can’t fulfill your desire to cheat people, to insult people, to harm others, etc. You are most welcome in the institute of marriage. You will get every excess to hurt anyone.

Marriges have gradually bacame the most unethical institution claiming all the respect & resources. Become a lovely couple & you are allowed to play “passing the parcel of pressure” to others.

Perticularly middle-class has developed this turning-up of becoming a married couple as a weapon to curb the basic rights of other individuals around.

There’s a clear imaginery in the society that, you have to deliver responsible behave only to your spouse. Once you are done with each other, you will get enough opportunity to oppress anyone (other then your spouse).

Creat a group consisting two independent entity name it ‘couple’ or ‘family’ & expand each & every type of unjust, unethical practices. Such as pressurising social norms & cheap sellable philosophies as physic’s theories. Or even further justifying sins (of spouse) as fate of others.

Lies in the guise of truth

Showcase your talent of behaving like a perfect couple. Exhibited a false image of yours. That’s it. You are done. Only you have to save each other’s back & you are ready for backstabbing rest of the world.

Now you are ready not only to intimate each other as a couple but also you can trespass anyone’s privacy. Perticularly your kids.

Infact the last few decades have witnessed such couples, who have given birth their kids only for the purpose of making them slaves. There are couples around who consider their kins as their products, properties, etc. Shockingly they will get social approval for all their offences, if they are enough competent & able to act according the cultural rules prevailing in society.

Unfortunately I have been to a lot of “perfect couples” who never allowed their kins to live.

Couples, who are always afraid of the fact that they have hidden their selfishness behind the aura (created by them only) of divine family.

They are always envous to the ones who do not follow their ‘pattern’ & affraid of the couples, who behave just according to them because they know ‘they’ can expose them.

Pretending to be unaware of the fact that, ‘no one is appreciating their bad acting.’ Actually, most of their companions are pretending to be a perfect couple & just for the sake of each other’s approval, they all continue their bad acting.

Learnt through out life is: Institute of marriage is the most filthiest ‘culture’ of the social system we have. Wrapping this ‘dead-body’ with whole amount of rituals is not going to ease the bad effects created by so called “perfect couples” or “happy families”

People are compelled to act only according to the norms. People are not allowed to live as an individual.

There’s a social conditioning. In our society only married couples are termed respected. Perticularly for females, becoming a part & parcle of a family is compulsory for women.

If someone refuse to surrender & show indifference toward the notion of marriage, then almost each type of discrimination would be served to the denier.

We have to rethink about the purpose achieved aiming at getting married & starting a family. Getting married & starting a family is a personal matter of two individuals. It is their collective desision of living together. What makes it a tool to enhance the couple’s social-moral presence?

There are individuals who are stuck in a marital status where they are bound to carry their spouses acts as theirs. There are abusers who stay with their partners with only motive of using & abusing every possible opportunity.

Marital status can not portrait the real image of the couple



Number of times we experience that thoughts, words, opinions in our head travel between minds without even knowing. Intelligent ones call it intuition. Smart ones claim it copyright issues. Elegant ones say it is nothing but coincidence.

Etiquette compel us to agree on issues. We have to place our self with in the boundaries of social norms.

Writing online, sharing same platforms, following same issues make it possible to choose the same expression or is it an urge of correct grammar usage & to be excepted?

Why is that every new beginning bound to carry pass-ons from past. We name it legacy. The reality is that everything is been said & done before. We are only repricing & reprising the same material again & again.

It is amazing to see people boosting, flaunting, exhibiting their knowledge. Website medium is also one of its kind. Here we are trying to tell the same stories again. Discussing the same topics again.

Following the same general norms of the society. Here, we are very same way restricted to the invisible strings of SEO techniques, visibility or readability possibilities, algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning & all, as we have been already at the material world. These are all replicating same types of social norms & moral rules of material space or real world.

After a saturating point there’s nothing called NEW.

What’s going to make it new; an original point of veiw.

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